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the Natural
Fight Cancer the Natural Way
IP-Centric Media Data
Media Data Center
Spectrum Auction:
Motivated media &
Spectrum Auction
The Damaging Delay in
Salim Ghauri NetSol
Salim Ghauri
Chairman & CEO, NetSol
Did Marconi Invent
radio the wrong way?
Sana Haq
Nanotube Radio
Making a mockery of the
complex architecture of
wireless transmission, a
single molecule of
carbon nanotube
performs all the functions
of a wireless Radio!
Being only a few
billionths of a meter in
size, the nanotube radio
is so small it can easily fit
inside a living cell or float
about in your
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Monitoring Social Media
Monitoring Social Media
Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing
Remote Infrastructure Management
Remote infrastructure Monitoring
Meteor Burst Communication
A grossly under utilized resource
Meteor Burst communication
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Send SMS to Your Generator!
Send SMS to your Washing Machine
Nokia Siemens, LG hit 100Mbps in 4G for first time

Nokia Siemens Networks and LG successfully reached the 100Mbps
peak speed of current-generation Long Term Evolution (LTE) wireless.
The 4G speed was reached by using a pre-release 4G USB modem
and a production-level Nokia Siemens network node running on the
2.1GHz and 2.6GHz bands. It should result in faster actual speeds for
LTE-based networks as the first ones go live over the ...
How would you like your tube well
to start pumping water in your
farm (located anywhere) as you
send a SMS from your mobile
phone? Better still, how would
you like your mobile to send
SMS on its own to your tube well
at 6 am while you are still asleep?
Machine to Machine
communication will save
mankind lots of hassle, the
need to remember critical daily
chores, or hire individuals to do jobs that can be performed
automatically, cheaply and without human intervention...
The ICT Industry Speaks
Haris Naseer


Naveed Saeed
SEVP, Commercial

Chris S. Thomas
Chief Strategist
Intel Corporation

Mohsen Tavakol
Ericsson Pakistan
Interviews InfoTech
Naveed Saeed SEVP, PTCL
Interview Chris S. Thoma Intel
Interview Mohsen Tavakol Ericsson

World's First Cloud Based
Mobile TV

Ericsson, in cooperation with
the European Broadcasting
Union (EBU) and Norwegian
Broadcasting Corporation
(NRK), launched the world’s
first cloud based MobileTV
solution during the 2010
Eurovision Song Contest...
First Cloud Based Mobile TV
Solutions for Aerospace &
Aerospace & Defence Solutions
Reshaping Mobile TV
Ericsson is reshaping its Mobile
TV offering, going for
mass-market penetration in
growth markets by providing an
excellent cross-platform
end-user experience that is also
available for low-end terminals.
Since 1999
the heartbeat of infocommunication
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Power Line Transamission
Sana Aijaz
Power Line Transmission
Electric power supply lines
offer a ubiquitous
infrastructure for the
transmission of broadband
within home or as a last mile
telecommunication link for
bringing broadband to home
or office premises.  Previously, powerline communications
systems were limited to relatively low data rates,  typically less
than 500 kbit/s. However, the new broadband systems
provide significantly higher data rates of 4 - 20 Mbit/s, about
ten to forty times faster than earlier systems
Top Networked Cities
Top Networked Cities
Ericsson and Arthur D. Little
present the Networked
Society City Index, ranking
25 cities according to ICT
maturity and development.
By showing how
top-performing cities
successfully use ICT to grow,
Ericsson aims to inspire and
contribute to a global
Networked Society  City
mayors, local authorities and
decision makers can use the
framework ranking to meet
the growing urbanization
trend and enable
organizational and societal
Colombo: The first LTE-enabled city in South Asia
Dialog, the Sri Lankan
operator, has launched a
4G pilot project in five
zones within the city of
Colombo with over ten
base stations. The outdoor
coverage gives a speed
between 30 to 50
megabytes but indoors the
speed may rise to 120
megabytes. The already
operational 3G network
across the country
comprises over 2,200
base stations. Launched in
2006, it was the first 3G
coverage in South Asia
and is delivering 42
Megabytes per second
Columbo: First LTE Enabled city
Warid Brings
Bombay Dreams to
Bombay Dreams, Warid
Over the years, English
theater in Pakistan has
experienced tremendous
growth. Warid has become
a leader in promoting arts
in the community. Greatly
supporting the young
talent, Warid GLOW has
become synonymous to
quality theater in Pakistan.
The much hyped and
awaited play ‘Bombay
Dreams” is now being
staged at the Karachi Art
Council for 25 days
consecutively, starting
from 27th January to 20th
TelecomPlus  since 1999
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100 Million
users and
Pakistan made history by
achieving 100 million
subscriptions in less than 5
years of deregulated
telecom sector. Malahat Rab
shares her views with our
What could
governments learn from
the Web about good

Donald Benson,
Correspondent for Middle
East, takes a closer look at
how a massive revolution is
sweeping across the globe
Intel displays latest
Laptop, PC Chips
Messages of ICT
Leaders on:
64th Independence
Messages of ICT leaders
World Telecom &
Information Society Day
World Telecom & Information Society Day 2012
Sadruddin Hashwani
Sadruddin Hashwani has
strong faith in the future of
Pakistan and potential of
Pakistanis. He has built state of
the art hotels in the least
developed and neglected areas
like Muzaffarabad and Gawadar
to promote tourism and
business as well. Investing in
these least income generating
areas clearly reflect his
commitment to development
vision of Pakistan
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Smart Phone Era Comes to Pakistan
Palwasha Qazi
Smartphone Era comes to Pakistan
What is so exciting and enthralling about Pakistan’s first 3G
enabled Android Smart phone is its blazing fast 3G speeds of
EVO wireless broadband. Exhibiting dual support for Wi-Fi
and 3G, IVIO Icon pro is primed for 24/7 browsing without any
limitations. Android 2.2 Froyo OS is packed with a full Web
browser & an entire suite of Google Apps & access to over
250 thousand applications from the android market
Mckinsey Report on Internet economy
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